What is The Tyranny of Positive Morality?

I would like to welcome you to my blog. It is obviously under construction but I did not want to leave you without a written reference point. What is the Tyranny of Positive Morality? Positive Morality is the de facto morality of any given society, i.e., the complex rules and customs which the society accepts as being the obligatory way for human beings to act. It is closely connected with Positive Law as promulgated by a national, federal, statal legislature and in the particular instance; the adjudication of that law in a court of law. Those laws that are promulgated effect the nation, the state and the culture. Over time, the laws become ’sacrosanct’ and to question them is to question the government that promulgated them and the zeitgeist itself.

As with all human endeavors, human nature is inextricably bound-up in the atmosphere produced by the thoughts and actions of man. All of the virtues and all of the vices come into play concerning the governance of nations and people. Concerning this point, politics has always been understood as a branch of Ethics but now, like most of the applied sciences, it has lost its moorings and is off in the cloud-cuckoo-land of subjective opinion. This will not do.

The same can be said for Jurisprudence. It too has lost its moorings and has been cut off of from Ethical and Philosophical concerns. This separation was undoubtedly a harbinger of the tyranny that now besets us and to fight that tyranny is to confess that the state is not our God. Positive law derives its force not from a threat of punishment and displeasure as some have thought and taught but from moral underpinnings that are not necessarily co-extensive with the foundation of that state.

The danger in the modern era lies in the notion of ‘rights’. If the state ‘confers’ or establishes ‘rights’ over time, the impression may soon arise that the origins of dignity and liberty are solely derived from the state with no referent point to an objective standard to which the state and all persons must accede. If this objective, verifiable standard is not affirmed by the state or if it is ignored then, over time, the citizens of that country will be enslaved to a positive morality; a morality that would have been shaped through the promulgation and application of the laws affirmed by the state to the exclusion of reason, custom and tradition. This does not befit the dignity and conscience of man.  As such, this will never do.


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