Our God is the Almighty Dollar, our temple is the Stock Exchange

Pope Leo XIII


An Excerpt from the homily of Fr. Alexander P. Doyle upon the passing of Pope Leo XIII (1878-1903)



“There was something supernatural in the life of the late Pope Leo.  I saw him seventeen years ago.  He was a feeble old man then with palsied hands, and I would not have thought that he could live more than a few months at the most.  I am persuaded that there was something more than natural in the fact that his life was prolonged, that God kept him in the world as a providential man to deliver a providential message to modern society.”

“Therefore his teaching is something more than human teaching.  He was a man who could look into the future with a seeing eye.  One of the grandest things in history is this man, in profound touch with things divine, standing phantomlike on the brink of the grave and turning back as it were to tell the world his message.”

“And what was this message?  Simply this: ‘Turn back to Christ from whom you ought never to have gone astray.’ This message is needed for America.  Our God is the Almighty Dollar; our temple is the Stock Exchange.  If this country as a whole could be brought back to the faith, if the spirit of Jesus could be infused in our body politic, our schools, our homes; if all this could be done, why it would mean that salvation of all the world.  Pope Leo knew this, and therefore he was so solicitous regarding the missions to non-Catholics in this country that he sent to us the first pontifical blessing a non-Catholic ever received.” 

Read the encyclicals of Pope Leo the XIII at the following url:


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