May I ask you a few questions? A veteran who cannot even secure his right of paternity over his own offspring, what does he have?  What did he fight for?  What possible hope can the citizen of that country possess when the very rights that a soldier, sailor, airman or marine was deployed to defend and protect do not obtain for him or for his child when invoked?  What country do we live in when state constitutions secure the right of the citizenry to secure a divorce but do not protect the ability to secure and maintain the institution of marriage?  These are salient questions.  This blog will set out to expose the platitudes offered by our government called ‘rights’ that enshrine license as liberty and by those illusory ‘rights’, the state now seeks to subsume and thereby control the antecedent domestic society known as the family.  The state is not our God, the state is not our surrogate father nor is it a husband for a wayward wife. As such, the line must be drawn and the family must be defended.


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